Unique artworks for healing space, home and office

              I am excited to announce the availability of my art works as high quality reproductions through this website. I have wanted for some time to make these works accessible to people as I believe that they are messages of light and inspiration especially for those working in the healing fields or where people are working on their own consciousness and healing.

      I can only say these works come through me and are influenced by my understanding of a life spent doing my own healing work as shown by my self-help workbook. 

      It is as if these images are delivered/given to me  - they are not often consciously intentional works but arrive as dream images that will not release me until the art work is complete. They are intuitive works, they may be channelled from a higher source as others have suggested. I do not know and I would not assume such a mantle.     

Artist Sharon Whitewood

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Sizes start at A4 (297 x 210mm)
NB: Artworks shown on this site are reproductions of original works.

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Original Concepts & unique designs
drawn from dreams and half-waking images

   I have been enjoying Sharon Whitewood's artwork for several years. I love her use of colours and shapes that are unique.
The paintings are vastly different, colourful with a tranquility that is both relaxing  and enjoyable.
They are suitable to hang in your home or office.    
Beverley Finch

  Finally available... High Quality Reproductions on Museum Quality Aquarelle 100% Rag.

The quality is outstanding!
From the accurate colour reproduction, to the vibrant printing using today's latest technology - we live in great times.
Never before has Museum quality art reproductions been so affordable and accessible.

Ray Meyer, Photographer

Exhibition at Artspace on 45 

Sharon's latest works are proudly on display at the wonderful Artspave on 45 Gallery in Coramba NSW in March and April 2019.

Click here to view the display

Comments from Facebook
photos of painting progress

This piece jumped out at me - love it, great work Sharon. Sept 2017

Hanna B

Love it! Sept 2017

Kate H

Beautiful, Sharon. Graceful dance of peace. August 2017

Catherine T

A smorgasbord of emotions! Love it! May 2017

John S

Heal Your Life Workbook

Thank you for sending me a copy of your wonderful book
"Heal Your Life Workbook".

I found your book, informative and comprehensive.
The diagrams, examples, and exercises were fascinating and helpful.
I am sure that anyone who reads your "Heal Your Life Workbook"
will find it an invaluable guide to healing and self-improvement.

Congratulations on your fabulous book, and if you would like to use my feedback
about your "Heal Your Life Workbook" on your book website as a testimonial,
please feel free to do so.

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